SINO Mould –Manufacturer of the Best China Moulds

SINO MOULD is the well known manufacturer of China Moulds with innovative technologies. Sino Mould is also known to be China Mould and it is the private company that was established in the year 1999. At the time of establishment of this company, most of the mould companies are working for the domestic market. But the SINO Mould was aiming at the international market. The company has started in mass production of the plastic moulds as a lot of molded components have to be provided to the customers.

The company has started to investigate the European quality in order to provide plastic moulds of that standard to the customers. In the year 2001, the company has begun OEM cooperation for Mold Technology Service Belgium which lasted for nearly three years. During these three years, Sino Mould has taught the European standard and established “SINO MOULD DESIGN STANDARD” and “SINO MOULD MANUFACTURING STANDARD”. With technologies and mature, SINO Mould has developed with high speed and the turnover of the company was doubled. There are around two thousand China mould companies and every year many new mould companies have been established in the country. In order to maintain the competitiveness, the Sino Mould Company has purchased new land of 70000 SQM. The land was bought to increase the capacity of the production and to improve managing system. In the year 2010, the company started a new factory and imported more than 6M USD mold tooling as well as measuring equipments. These investments enhanced the product quality, reduced the manufacturing time of the mould and shortened the human resources.

Among all the mould companies in China, Sino Mould has offered the best service to their customers in all aspects such as lower price, short delivery time and products with high quality. SINO Mould has become the most popular company with the manufacturing technologies which it is using for the manufacture of moulds. If you want to know more information regarding the Mould Companies, then you can refer through the company website: -

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