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Mold Makers in China

Plastic injection mould is a tool that use in produce plastic products. China plastic injection mould is getting rapidly development in these years. Mold makers in China have great progress in mould making. Consequently, Chinese plastic injection mould receives great popularity in the world market.


Sino mould is a professional China Mold Maker with much experience in PVC pipe fitting mould; home appliance mould and PET preform mould etc. Mould industry is the basic of national economy. We don’t have high quality products without mould. Sino mould has much experience in plastic production line and injection mould. Sino mould has it’s own plastic factory building and mould testing plant to manufacture and test the mould. Sino is a processing workshop before 20 years. Now Sino mould become one of leading mould maker in China after 20 years development.


In recent, we start a new project---plastic injection factory building. We are not only a mould maker, but also plastic injection mould solution provider. Sino can provide customer whole plastic injection mould line and plastic injection technology. Molding factory project meaning we help our customers to building and assembling injection equipment.


A good molds maker must have a very stronger designer group and professional engineer to support us in technology. Chinese molds maker are improving day by day. Sino mould introduce from advanced processing machine and equipment from foreign, such as deep hole drilling, SODICK, CNC Milling center...... This advanced processing machine can guarantee processing size precise and quality. Sino mould has own QA department, we invested tooling and measuring machine. We believe that good quality mould base on good mould design and machining processing and precision machine.


So many experienced molds maker in China, Sino mould is also in this line. Our next step is becoming famous molds maker in the world. We can offer you the best plastic injection mould solution and technology.



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